I still make stuff. Though, I’m starting to branch out to video form now. And I kinda like it. It felt wrong to ignore this blog though, and I still want to write more stuff here, mostly reviews and stuff. Things that don’t fit in video form. Still, there’s only 1 review I’m currently working on, and the anime is still airing, so I’d rather just put the script for my videos here along with said video.

said video

Hey! If I were to ask you, which factor is most important for you when watching anime, movies, or playing games, what would that factor be?

I’m going to guess that it’s most likely the story. Some would say the animation too, if it was an anime, while others say gameplay if it were games. But it’s never the music.

Now, if I were to ask again, do you like the music in anime? I’m going to guess again that you’d say “yes, I love Gurenge by LiSA!”

While I agree that Gurenge is a great song, what I meant is the background music. Tracks that play when Jotaro pummels Steely Dan. Songs that play when Geralt fight monsters. One that people know it’s there, just not as the main factor of their enjoyment. And even worse, sometimes taken for granted.

While I agree that Gurenge is a great song, what I meant is the background music. Tracks that play when Jotaro pummels Steely Dan, or when Kageyama scores a point. The one that people take for granted.

Some of you would say, “that’s not as important for me.” I can always accept an opinion, but some would even go as far as to justify that “when the music fades with everything else, that’s background music done well.”

But, is it really? Would you watch ATLA back to back without the music? Star Wars without John Williams? Undertale without… Toby… Fox- okay that would just not happen. You could say you would right now, but the whole series of ATLA is more than 24 hours. You would watch it, but you’d probably die of boredom.

For some mid show, I can agree that their soundtracks would probably be as good as silence, but some of the most remarkable multimedia on earth wouldn’t be shy of investing in the greatest composer either. Examples for this are the shows I’ve mentioned, ATLA, Star Wars, JoJo, and many more that I can be sure that if it’s in your list of top tens, it would have a phenomenal background (music).

I am no music theorist but listening to people talk about how and why a background (music) sounded the way they are… I realize that it’s not just so that they sound catchy. It’s not just there to fill the emptiness. If it were, then they could’ve just used free copyright music to drive away from the hassle and be economically efficient. (Maybe, I’m not a lawyer.) There is a reason why each of them sounded the way they are. A reason why they are crafted exclusively with the main medium in mind. And for those of you who’re saying, “background music done well is one that fades away,” here’s my counter-argument. 

Music tells a story.

There’s a reason, a meaning, deeper than just creating a suitable piece. To make something that will not only fit the medium but also evokes an emotional reaction within us. Even without lyrics, it can give us a feeling of vigour, of sorrow, of happiness. This is how music tells a story. Not through words, but through a melody. If a scriptwriter use words, composer use notes. Yet both tell a narrative.

This is why, if I, or maybe you, tell someone to close their eyes and listen to this (CODE VEIN – Main Theme) they’ll know there is something intense going on, a battle, or maybe (Violet Evergarden – Live on for Me) it’d sound sad like there’s a loss in your heart. Neither of these tracks has lyrics, yet it still evokes a certain feeling in us. A story that is told through the melody.

Good background music would be able to carry itself without the media it’s supporting. It would be able to tell what’s happening in the scene without the audience seeing or being told the story. One that if the two were put together, you have a second storyteller. And because of this, when they all were put together, this is what we get… (5:30 of video).


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